OC 1.5x Add to Cart via URL link


1399301883.add-to-cart-link-693x200-banner-600x600.jpg What does it do:
Adds the ability to add an item to cart by direct link (GET) rather than needing a form post (POST).
Also adds alternative methods of adding by product_id, sku, or model.
Supports options as well (See examples below)

* You will need to have the latest vQmod engine installed (http://vQmod.com)

Main features:
* Simple vQmod script plug and play. No files to edit or overwrite.
* Supports lookup by product_id, sku, or model
* Shows "Item successfully added to cart" message.
* Instantly adds to cart and redirect to cart page
* If product has required options that were not specified, it will redirect to the product page to allow proper choice
* Can be expanded to support ANY unique field (isbn, upc, location, etc)
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