OC 1.5x Smart Checkout 1.0.5


Это дополнение предназначено для упрощения создания покупки на вашем сайте. Так что, если у вас есть этот модуль, вы получите больше быструю и дружелюбную функцию покупки.
Features ✪

✯ Pupup view
✯ Ajax processing
✯ Creating real order
✯ Receive notifications by email
✯ Multi language support
✯ Multi stores support
✯ Ajax price, discount & totals calculating
✯ Caching
✯ Unlimited fields to order form
✯ Individual validation rules for fields
✯ Individual css id & css class for fields
✯ Three types of fields position: left (50% width), center (100% width), right (50% width)
✯ Individual success text after checkout
✯ On\Off Captcha verification for checkout
✯ Mask for phone field
✯ Order prefix
✯ Works on all pages of the store
✯ Select with customer groups should be work module
✯ Select payment methods to show
✯ Select shipping methods to show
✯ Select options to show
✯ Select checkout Terms to show
✯ Customize background overlay for module
✯ Support Google Analytics (ecommerce, events)
✯ Using vQmod
✯ Responsive (mobile friendly)
✯ Set order status after checkout
✯ Installation by one click
✯ Error input highlight
✯ Sortable fields
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