OC 2.x Smart Cart

Модули,темы и дополнения для Open Cart размещены в ресурсах форума для вашего удобства.На форумах есть раздел совместных покупок.


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⍟ What’s "Smart Cart"? ⍟

"Smart Cart" is an OpenCart extension designed to improve the usability of functions adding products to the shopping cart. So if you have this module you get more convenient notification function when the product is added to cart and the module makes quick and easy work with products within.

⍟ What’s the difference between "Smart Cart" and Default Cart? ⍟

In Smart Cart module you can Increase and Decrease product quantity, Add and Remove product, Saveproducts to your email or to wishlist, you can see Cross-sell products. All of this things you can make fast and easy cuz this operations processing without reloading the page via Ajax. So you save your time.

⍟ "Smart Cart" Features ⍟
✯ Pupup view.
✯ Ajax processing.
✯ Multi language support.
✯ Multi stores support.
✯ Ajax price & totals calculating.
✯ Individual text for empty cart.
✯ Select with customer groups and stores should be work module.
✯ Customize background overlay for module.
✯ Support functionality: Coupon, Gift voucher, Reward, Shipping from default cart.
✯ Install by vQmod or OCmod.
✯ Responsive (mobile friendly).
✯ Installation by one click.
✯ Function "Save my Cart": to wishlist and E-mail. Data automatically stored in module. You can see this information.
✯ Cross-sell products carousel.
✯ Show Cross-sell products from: categories, brands or select some of the products.
✯ Show Up-sell products.

⍟ Video Help ⍟

Go to OCdevWizard YouTube channel.
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