OC 1.5x My Extension Pack #1

Модули,темы и дополнения для Open Cart размещены в ресурсах форума для вашего удобства.На форумах есть раздел совместных покупок.
list of the extensions included in the zip archive:

3 New Field Product Info (vqmod)
Abandoned Cart Reminder Basic 2.2
Abandoned Cart Reminder Pro - OC1.5.x
ADD Product Cost & Profit & Sales Report PRO
Adjustable Length Product Description in Catalog
Admin Quick Edit PRO v3.5.4
ADV Customer Orders Report v3.2
ADV Products Purchased Report 3.2
ADV Sales Report + Profit Reporting 3.0
Advanced Category Module
Advanced Professional Email Template 2.4.1
After Purchase Review Invitation 3.3
Ajax Quick Checkout - 4.2
Alert Customers - When Product is in Stock 1.2
Android Store + Push Notification 1.9
Attributic - Adding attributes by template v1.3
Auto Scroll Carousel
AutoSuggest Search 1.8
Beep Beep SMS Notification + Marketing
Better Image Manager 1.1.1
Blog Pro
BOOST OpenCart + AJAX 1.1
Brainy Filter Ultimate (for OC 1.5)
Bulgarian Language Autoinstaller (бкб б ¬®Ёбв « в®а) - 1.5.6
Bulk add Options to Products via Category
Category Product Manager 1.2.2
CookieCompliance v1.0 - for OC 1.5 only
CSV Price Pro import-export - 3.1.7
CurrencyRates 1.1 - iSenseLabs
Customer Account Greeting
Customer Follow Up Email (4 in 1) v1.4.1
Customer Order Product Upload 1.5.8
Data Sweeper
Diapo Basic 1.1
Easy Language Editor v1.2
Elegant Accordion
ePay.bg - bulgarian epay payment gatway (OpenCart 1.5+)
ExcelPort - 1.8.2
Export - Orders To Excel
Facebook Auto Post - 1.8.1
Facebook Contest (Deal Unlocker)
Facebook Game Contest
Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags 1.0
Facebook Store Basic - 2.5
Facebook Store Pro - 3.4.2
Facebook Wall News Import - 1.5
First Order Discount - 1.2.1
Follow Us 1.1
Form Builder
Free Gift 1.3
Free Page Cache for OC 1.5.X
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ Manager
HTML Email 1.2.1
iContact - multiple departments & auto-reply 1.5.1
Image Manager Plus - 1.0
InstaLoader - Simplier Image Upload for OpenCart - v1.9.6
Intelligent Product Lables and Images
iSearch 3.2.2
JV_QuickOrder - Buy one click - fast checkout v2.96
Language & Currency Auto Switch IP Based - 1.2
LessEngine - Integrated LESS PHP compiler for OpenCart
Loyalty - 1.2.1
Loyalty LifeTime Discount 1.3.1
Magic Coupons 1.2
MASS products update - Discounts, Specials 2.7
Min Order Total 1.3.2
Multi Tab for Each Product
News 1.7
Newsletter Builder 1.5.3
Not Found - Custom Page
Notify When Product Arrives 3.6
OKZoom 1.1
Omtex - Mobile and Tablet Version 1.3
One Step Checkout
Online Administrators Monitoring
Opencart Blog Manager - 1.3.2
Opencart Manufacturer Layouts
Order Discount (based on cart total) 1.4
Order Status Color 1.0
PDF Invoice Attached to Customer Order Email
PersistentCart - Keep customers shopping carts forever
Piecemaker Slider 1.3
Positions Pro - 1.1
Power Image Manager
Price History
Price Match 2.5
PRO Admin - Google Analytics - Create own dashboard
Product Option Image PRO - 1.3.2
Quick Edit Admin Panel for Products, Categories
Quick Order Status Updater - 1.0.1
Registration bonus 1.1
Replace product code with barcode
Route Editor 1.5.X
Sales Motivator 1.3.1
SD Premium DB Indexes - boost database performance up to 50x - 1.4
SEO Google Image Sitemap (OC 1.5.x)
Snow Falling 1.1
Special Deal (Groupon Style) 1.9
Upsell Offer 1.4.3
Visitor Statistics
WaterMark - WaterMark and Protection for your Products 1.4.1
Wholesale Price List Pro 1.2.1
XGallery 1.4
XGallery Basic 1.1
YO Menu (category menu module)
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