OC 2.x Easy Testimonials for OpenCart 2.x


Add search engine optimized customer testimonials and page-wide reviews to your store and let others know what your customers think.
  • Google loves structured data and that's what Easy Testimonial is all about
  • Add any number of testimonials to any page on your store.
  • Configure each module individually; sort by rating, date or random and choose if you want to give google aggragated data or just individual testimonials.
  • Let your customers post testimonials on the testimonial album-page.
  • Manage all your stores reviews and testimonials in one high-level AJAX interface, one-click-editing.
  • Load store and product-information directly into your review. Saves ALOT of time!
  • OpenCart Extension-Installer-friendly and quick setup.
  • Awesome support cause we know.


Unlike other module makers, we have 10 years of practical experience to operate several e-commerces our self, plus the technical expertise to make modules that both works perfectly for the function you are looking for, is easy to handle and to install without disturbing the other parts in the shop.
OpenCart - Easy Testimonials for OpenCart 2.x

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кто не хочет платить за более качественный модуль...этот вполне сойдёт. Кто не понял что он делает - простой модуль отзывов для OC 2