1. vadim

    Pretty-Theme for WoWonder Social PHP Script

    Now Pretty Theme Update to Version 2.0.2 Required WoWonder Version 2.1.1 Demo: Here (User: testuser Password: testuser) See online documentation Pretty Theme Documentation,
  2. vadim

    Beloved-Theme for WoWonder Social PHP Script

    Beloved, is a theme for WoWonder Social PHP Script. To have this theme, first you must have WoWonder Script. The Beloved Theme, also compatible with WoWonder Timeline Applications for Android, developed by Elin Doughouz. You can get it here. (And thank you so much for Deen Doughouz and Elin...
  3. vadim

    Plugin Share For Wowonder

    Share post For Wowonder Compatibility: Wowonder 1.4.3 What is Wowonder? Wowonder is a Social Network Platform is the best way to create your own social website or online community. Launch it in just 1 minute with ultimate features. It’s easy to install. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This is very...
  4. vadim

    Plugin Colorbox For Wowonder

    Add color a you post in you script of wowonder You now can select of more of 15 diferents color for you box (post), where you can create a best style to you status. this script have a count of text for a limit of 50 caracters, for no do a problem with post that have much text.. What is...