1. vadim

    OC 1.5x Add to Cart via URL link

    What does it do: ================ Adds the ability to add an item to cart by direct link (GET) rather than needing a form post (POST). Also adds alternative methods of adding by product_id, sku, or model. Supports options as well (See examples below) Requirements: ============== * You will...
  2. vadim

    OC 2.x Add to Cart Button Switcher

    Easily change the color and text of the "Add to Cart" buttons in your theme! Options to change the button text and top/bottom gradient colors are given individually for various situations: when the product is added to the cart, when the product is out of stock, and when the product has options...
  3. vadim

    OC 2.x Smart Export/Import(VQMOD)

    Экспорт / Импорт в Excel всей базы данных для всех ваших продуктов, в том числе категории.