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    OC 1.5x Add to Cart via URL link

    What does it do: ================ Adds the ability to add an item to cart by direct link (GET) rather than needing a form post (POST). Also adds alternative methods of adding by product_id, sku, or model. Supports options as well (See examples below) Requirements: ============== * You will...
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    OC 2.x Add to Cart Button Switcher

    Easily change the color and text of the "Add to Cart" buttons in your theme! Options to change the button text and top/bottom gradient colors are given individually for various situations: when the product is added to the cart, when the product is out of stock, and when the product has options...
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    OC 2.x Smart Export/Import(VQMOD)

    Экспорт / Импорт в Excel всей базы данных для всех ваших продуктов, в том числе категории.