светлый стиль

  1. vadim

    xf 2.1 Prisma

    Для работы данного стиля, необходимо сначала установить [TH] UI.X ThemeHouse — Digital Platform Architects | ThemeHouse - демо стиля. Brighten up your site with this clean, minimal design. Built with UI.X 2 Framework Highly customizable Fully responsive theme
  2. vadim

    xf 2.1 Dimension 2.1.1

    Демо стиля
  3. vadim

    xf 2.1 Illuminate

    Демо стиля
  4. vadim

    XF 1.5 xF Mavis Style 1.2.2

    xF Mavis Style - FREE Developer: eTiKeT™ Name : xF Mavis Style Published : 2017 Forum Demo : XenForo Türkçe destek,XenForo Eklenti ve tema topluluğu Features; Style is compatible with xenForo 1.5.9 and newer. Style will be updated regularly. Included in this package; Font Awesome Icons - 4.7.0
  5. vadim

    XF 1.5 xF 2.0 Theme 1.9

    We all had been excited about xenForo 2.0 and preparing to update after it is been released so we can make users get used to its style from now. Style is compatible with xenForo 1.5.9 and newer. Style will be updated regularly.
  6. vadim

    XF 1.5 White Dream 1.2

    Theme Features Lastpost avatar on forum home Bottom bar for tablets and mobile devices Enable/Disable option for bottom bar on desktops Default or Rounded avatar on messages Animated online status 2 columns node list Move sidebar to left side Default or Sticky navbar Advanced Footer
  7. vadim

    XF 1.5 Peachy Keen 1.5.12

    With it's appetizing orange and greens, Peachy Keen brings the concept of southern comfort directly to your forum. It is a highly customized theme that will give any board a complete unique look. You can have it be as wide or as narrow as you prefer, works with all the major browsers, and much...
  8. vadim

    XF 1.5 xenSplash 1.5.12

    Give your community a splash of excitement with this highly customized rush of beautiful teals and blues. Translucent backgrounds are used here and there to help focus on an awesome background image. Use the one provided or change it out very easily. The entire product is powered by UI.X as...
  9. vadim

    XF 1.5 Class 1.5.12

    This extremely elegant XenForo theme comes with Audentio Design's latest product, the AD Styler. This tool allows you to define preset sub-skins as well as give you and your community the ability to choose how they want the theme to look.  Beautiful typography  Modern textured look  High...
  10. vadim

    XF 1.5 Drift 1.5.12

    Drift is an advanced theme for XenForo. It includes the AD Styler which allows your users to edit the theme subjectively. For example, if they prefer a dark background, they would be able to edit that themselves without affecting anyone else's view of your site. There are also tools to allow...
  11. vadim

    XF 1.5 xenBlock 1.5.12

    XenBlock is a completely responsive theme for XenForo. It also features our AD styler for customization. This design has been simplified to be extremely customizeable. There are also settings for adding social media icons in the footer, all controlled by style properties. This design is sure to...
  12. vadim

    XF 1.5 UI.X 1.5.12

    UI.X is a feature-rich XenForo theme that is built around the idea that it can be thrown any scenario and handle it beautifully. If you want your visitors to have a fully responsive beautiful metro/flat user interface with features such as a sticky navigation, off-canvas navigation, super menus...
  13. vadim

    XF 1.5 Antiquark 1.5.12

    Antiquark is the counter-design to Quark and essentially the light version of the XenForo theme. It comes out with a gamer pink color, but can be easily changed to blue or green very easily. Some of the features include side by side nodes, logo on top of the sidebar or logo on top of the...
  14. vadim

    XF 1.5 Intrinsic 1.5.12

    One of the most modern themes you can get for XenForo, Intrinsic is absolutely gorgeous. We use modern, stroke icon fonts to really give a unique design perspective and there is more white space than usual so that you can really emphasize on the content of your community. No flashy graphics...
  15. vadim

    XF 1.5 Intrepid 1.5.12

    Absolutely amazing XenForo Theme! This flat metro design is extremely sleek. It can suit any board. The flat modern colors are what give it a unique look, but they too can be changed to anything.  Unique page wrapper style  Welcome block integrated with header  Rounded corners everywhere ...
  16. vadim

    XF 1.5 Reneue 1.5.12

    Reneue is a premium XenForo theme that utilizes unique icons, soft colors, and a corporate look by default. However it is also extremely easy to change colors and tone via the color palette, so you can create any style theme you want. Off canvas navigation, sticky navigations, and much much more...
  17. vadim

    XF 1.5 Scratch 1.5.12

    Many themes have a lot of whites and grays. This premium XenForo theme makes great use of tans, browns, and more natural and earthy colors. Green by default, but with one click of your button it can be blue or red or orange or whatever else you may want. Scratch also offers a very unique header...
  18. vadim

    XF 1.5 Rogue 1.5.12

    Rogue is a very simplistic XenForo theme that really focuses on icons and flat interface design. We are using FontAwesome by default, but with our organization methods you can easily change that icon set out for another. We find that with this simple elegant approach, you can make a theme that...
  19. vadim

    XF 1.5 UI.Flex 1.5.12

    Based directly on the popular free Flexile product of ours, we decided to completely recode it on the UI.X Framework! It has everything the old Flexile had PLUS everything the immensely powerful UI.X framework has. Entirely mobile friendly and retina friendly it also comes with sticky sidebar...
  20. Kitycat

    XF 1.5 Silver 1.5.2

    Silver Style is made with the classic platform of XenForo with some main changes: The color of text is totally white: We keep it simple white similar to the color of silver. We choose the nature background. The forum is transparent white and it likes looking into a 3D picture. So, do you like...