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  1. vadim

    OC 2.x Category Discounts OC2

    demo/demo This extension enables you to add discounts to categories. It is possible to set up a discount for a specific customer group and limit the discount in time. For parent categories, you can specify whether the discount will affect the underlying subcategories (children). The category...
  2. S

    OC 1.5x News

    ver 1.7
  3. S

    OC 1.5x Price History Chart Module

  4. S

    OC 1.5x Games - Engage customers with your store-branded game

    ver 1.1
  5. S

    OC 2.x Questions & Answers PRO

    ver2.1 / for oc 2.0.x only
  6. S

    Simple News Module

    News Module version 1.2 - Category management: + Menu category. + Support Multi language. + Support SEO (seo url, seo description ...) - News management: + Support multi language. + Support SEO (seo url, seo description ...) + Support tags + Set news as feature and display on news feature menu...
  7. vadim

    OC 1.5x Add to Cart via URL link

    What does it do: ================ Adds the ability to add an item to cart by direct link (GET) rather than needing a form post (POST). Also adds alternative methods of adding by product_id, sku, or model. Supports options as well (See examples below) Requirements: ============== * You will...
  8. vadim

    OC 2.x Account Registration Captcha

    This extension will allow you to quickly and easily add a captcha to your customer account and affiliate registration processes, helping prevent bot and spam registrations on your site. Upload and go — utilizes vQmod so no core file modifications are necessary. Displays a proper error message...