1. vadim

    OC 2.x Payment Fee or Discount

    ✪ OVERVIEW ✪ With this extension you'll be able to set fee or discount to all payment methods available. You may set a fee in percent to one method and discount in fixed value for another one and they'll be applied accordingly. ✪ FEATURES ✪ ▸ Adds fee or discount value for each enabled...
  2. vadim

    OC 2.x Category Discounts OC2

    demo/demo This extension enables you to add discounts to categories. It is possible to set up a discount for a specific customer group and limit the discount in time. For parent categories, you can specify whether the discount will affect the underlying subcategories (children). The category...
  3. S

    OC 1.5x Games - Engage customers with your store-branded game

    ver 1.1