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XF 1.5 Simplicity 1.2

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You may actually want the site files too :)

Hello everyone! I've just made some changes to the moderation bar, as you can see the moderation bar is now located on the left side.
Screenshot at Oct 15 02-19-07.png

We are proud to announce our first update! Simplicity v1.1.0

This update is only for the moderation bar.

  • Removed Visitor Tabs from Navbar and added to userbar.
  • Avatar added to userbar.
Future Changes:
  • Make it more appealing.
  • Make drop-boxes more welcoming.
  • Add a notice or a communication message.
  • Vertically Align links


  • Screenshot at Oct 15 02-19-07.png
    Screenshot at Oct 15 02-19-07.png
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