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Order Manager 2.2.1

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Order Manager is a HUGE improvement to your dashboard. It adds a stand alone module, which displays orders list with additional columns, buttons and actions. It allows you to manage orders right from the dashboard without going anywhere else!


Absolutely unique and must have for every OpenCart store!
▸ Adds responsive good looking order managing module with rich functionality to your store dashboard.
▸ Print invoices, change order statuses, delete or create new orders right from the dashboard in one click.
▸ Advanced sorting and filtering, which follows all possible rules and restrictions from extension settings.
▸ Allows to change order status with comment for multiple orders, which greatly improves order management.
▸ In standalone mode hides all other dashboard modules for more space and better order management.
▸ A lot of options to adjust module layout to your needs: hide or display buttons and columns, define colors etc.

Current version: 2.5.5 (change log).


Default OpenCart order list comes with a very few options and doesn't allow you to manage orders in a fast and effective way. Order Manager solves this problem and gives you more control over your orders. You can change order status for multiple orders at once or delete several orders in once click. Rich filtering system allows you to find any order by any possible parameter in a matter of seconds. You can list only processing orders, display list of missing ones, highlight certain shipping or payment methods and much, much more.


You'll find Order Manager on admin dashboard of our demo site (username: demo, password: demo). For settings go to Extensions -> Modules, click Edit near Order Manager module and play with it.
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